Top Budget-friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips You Must Try

Budget-friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

Considering a bathroom makeover is one of the best investments you can make in your home. However, besides finding inspiring and beautiful bathroom makeover ideas, you also need to consider the right price tag.

If you are a homeowner in Canberra looking for budget-friendly bathroom makeover in these tight economic times, then this article will help you spend smartly and save money on your bathroom renovation.

Here are the best tips for low-cost bathroom designs. For more genuine help and amazing ideas in bringing your bathroom back to life, contact EGlaze Australia –  Experts in shower screens in Canberra as well as bathroom mirrors and doors.

Upgrade The Shower Head

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Replacing your old shower head with a modern one will give you an instant upgrade of your bathroom. A sunflower-style shower head can create a form of refreshing rainspray. Alternatively, consider a hand-held one which can be suspended from above like the usual shower or can be conveniently hand-operated by way of its attached hose.

Choose The Right Paint

bathroom interior paint
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A coat of paint, as they say, can work wonders. Make sure to choose a coat of mildew-resistant bathroom paint. This can provide you with a long way of giving your old bathroom a brand new impression. You can make the cost lesser by removing all possible fixtures and fittings yourself before painting.

Add to your makeover experience the replacement of towel and toilet paper holders, medicine cabinet and other removable fittings.

Change Outdated Plumbing Fixtures
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Replacing the sink and bath taps are a great makeover concept. This helps improves the appearance and functioning of a bathroom.

Change an outdated two-handled shower for a single-control pressure-balancing valve. This will eliminate the risk of scalding if a toilet is flushed and the cold water flow is interrupted.

Refurbish Your Bathtub


Your bathtub is an eye-catching asset in any bathroom. Enhancing it will, therefore, make a significant impression with any makeover.

You can refurbish your existing enamelled cast-iron tub and make it look showroom new, even to changing its colour.

Consider Recycled Materials

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Using recycled materials in your bathroom can refresh the look of your old bathroom in the easiest of ways.

Research some of the opportunities available for using recycled materials that are reproduced for bathroom usage. This will not only be great for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Visit the Internet and your local craft stores for these recycled materials. If you are a reasonable handyman, you can make recycling yourself.

You can try to get ideas from these DIY blog site who mastered recycling:

Give Attention To Small Details

bathroom tiles

Give regular attention to seemingly small details of your bathroom. Doing this enables you to keep your bathroom’s fresh and lively appearance. Therefore, ensure light fixtures, plumbing and other fixtures and fittings are always in good condition. Also, give attention to the tiled walls and floor.

Consider Regrouting and Recaulking Yourself

 Keep in mind that regrouting and recaulking the tiled bathroom walls is an essential part of a bathroom makeover. If you observe signs of peeling, then making the renewing of grout and caulking part of your bathroom makeover programme is important. Moreover, doing it yourself can save you from a potentially costly job.

Observe a Regular Minor Makeover

Always consider a regular minor makeover. This allows you to change the bathroom décor sufficiently to gain that “new home” sensation, without causing a major upset in your family’s lifestyle.

Bathrooms, in particular, provide opportunities for minor makeovers. You can simply achieve this with new paint, vanities, and lighting.

Choose a Well-designed Storage Space

bathroom cabinetsBathroom storage space can be gained with well-designed vanities and cabinets. These storage rooms can be more easily maintained and organised when they are free of clutter.

Additionally, these storage spaces can be improved by adding pull-out shelves fitted into deep cabinets. This enables the contents to be conveniently viewed and accessed.

The hardware such as the customised fittings should also have well-designed features for maximum utilisation of existing space.

Select Floor Tiles Wisely

bathroom tiles
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Porcelain and travertine tiling can be an economic solution for your bathroom floor makeover.

To give budget priced floor tiles an upmarket appearance, don’t go for the high-gloss finish tiles route. This cannot offer a perfect effect and makes your bathroom appear cheap. A good, even, and natural-looking matte finish is generally the best option.

If you’re considering a self-installation of the tiles for perceived financial savings, you should think carefully about it. Bathrooms have a reputation for a large degree of cutting around fixtures and base cabinets.

Here are some well written blogs about choosing bathroom tiles:

Refurbish Worthy Cabinets

 If you’re bathroom cabinets are fitted with the standard size and they are still in a reasonable condition, consider refurbishing them. You don’t really need to replace them with new ones if you think they are still worth it.

Refurbishing them is a more economical option than buying a new set of cabinets.

Add Glamour with Modern Mirror

bathroom mirrorsIf you want some impactful effect in your bathroom makeover, then consider adding glamour to it.

An affordable feature such as an double glazed windows with glass and chrome shelving can work wonders.

Shop Wisely for Furniture

 Try visiting a flea market for a character console or occasional table. It’s not expensive and for a few dollars, it can be converted into a console vanity that can add style and character to your bathroom. If it’s made of wood, make sure to moisture-proof and protect the wood with several coats of clear polyurethane.

Additionally, replacing a bathroom vanity table top can give your bathroom a new image. For affordable options, consider using preformed laminate. If you want a more luxurious appearance, then a remnant granite slab could be the best choice.

If you decide to go with a “vintage” look, then infuse some classic personality into your bathroom. Besides the local flea markets, salvage yards and Internet auction sites are also a great source of vintage tubs, sinks and a lot more.

If your bathroom is not sufficiently large for a freestanding piece of furniture, consider a vintage shelf or an old drawer backed with an appropriate covering that can be hung on the wall as storage for bath essentials.

Choose the Basic Components

When it comes to bathroom makeover designs, it’s a rule of thumb to always avoid strong colours and unusual textures or any entity that attracts too much attention.

Take the route of the simple and economic option in choosing something that blends with your entire bathroom decor.

White could be bright and right. By choosing basic white components for your bathroom makeover features, you could affect savings due to supplier volumes and cost-effectiveness in results.

Your bathroom is a crucial part of your home. It is where you can pamper, relax and unwind yourself. Therefore, the look and ambience must be something that you should give great attention to. With the right information and well-thought out plan, you can definitely achieve a budget-savvy yet excellent bathroom makeover.

Most importantly, make sure to find the best services to help you with the right bathroom makeover ideas. For further information, get in touch with the pros at EGlaze Australia